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Visiting British PM’s message

Apr 09,2017 - Last updated at Apr 09,2017

British Prime Minister Theresa May’s recent visit to Jordan and Saudi Arabia foreshadows the post-Brexit foreign policy of this once leading colonial empire.

May’s visit seems to start a new phase of discrete UK policy in the Middle East.

Aside from the international coalition that Jordan and UK are part of, there is a UK-Jordan initiative to counter terror threats. This bilateral understanding aims to develop new capabilities to strike Daesh targets by enhancing the capacities of the Jordanian Air Force.

It is important that the British initiative includes long-term cooperation that aims to bolster the fight against violent extremism in the region, an issue that concerns both Jordan and the UK.

For the British, it is important to address the sources of radicalisation in the region, many of which have connections with radical members on its own soil.

Any de-radicalisation process in Britain requires addressing the source of funding and training of terrorism in the Middle East, an essential issue to address for Jordan as well.

Jordan needs concrete support in applying a more decisive process of de-radicalisation of both its citizens, who went to Syria and Iraq to fight, and of those within its borders.

The Obama strategy on Syria, which created a vacuum that was eventually filled by Russia, is being remedied and the lessons are being learned.

During her visit, May also discussed ways in which the UK can assist Jordan to address the consequences of the Syrian conflict.

Clearly the UK is taking steps to support Jordan and ensure a direct role in Syria and the rebuilding process.

The Trump administration is also seeking to protect its interests in Syria by engaging in Raqqa.

Due to its geopolitical position, Jordan is strategically important for this.

May’s visit in the post-Brexit transition demonstrates a shift in UK policies towards securing UK interests. 

It may be the first step of a shift in strategy that London will adopt to guarantee its presence and interests around the world.

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Jews were killed democratically bra. Question what the people are conspiring before you go out and accuse ME leaders of war crimes. They might be doing the right thing...

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