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Encouraging numbers

Nov 16,2017 - Last updated at Nov 16,2017

The number of tourists to Petra had increased considerably by November, and more are expected to arrive in the last two months of the year, peak season for visitors to the red-rose city, according to the president of the Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority.

That is a good news for the economy and proof that despite regional tensions, tourists do not fear for their safety when visiting the country.

The official at the authority said some 650,000 tourists are expected to visit Petra by the end of this year, quite an increase over the 461,000 during all of last year, and that the high turnout trend is expected to last until April next year.

The hot months of the year encourage fewer visitors to the country.

The Nabataean city of Petra, one of the new seven world wonders and a UNESCO world heritage site, can easily be a gateway to other tourist places of historical, religious or medical interest in the country, including the Baptism site on the River Jordan, Aqaba and Wadi Rum, all with unique tourist attractions appreciated by those who see them.

The fact that tourists come to Jordan is indeed a vote of confidence in the country’s stability and security, two features tourists greatly value particularly now when mad men strike randomly, spreading their reign of terror.

The safety and climate of the country, and the famous hospitality of its people, make Jordan a tourism destination of choice, and that has to be capitalised on.

But to ensure that things go smoothly, all those involved in the hospitality industry must make sure that hotels are clean and well maintained, restaurants are up to standard, hygiene is observed at all times, workers in the sector are courteous and knowledgeable, and taxi drivers behave with integrity.

In short, to ensure that the time tourists spend in Jordan is memorable, for, only this way can the country enjoy more and loyal visitors.

Jordan is blessed with all elements that make tourism successful. People must help, too.

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