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Stolen Moment — Exhibition of works by Olivia Descampe at Dar Al Anda Art Gallery. Starting June 24 at 6pm. Through June 28.  Tel: 4629599


Permanent Collection — Exhibition of works from the gallery’s permanent collection at Orient Gallery. Through June 30. Tel: 5931331


Nostalgia — Exhibition of works by Fadi Daoud at Wadi Finan Art Gallery. Through July 7. Tel: 4636939


Conversation — Exhibition of works by Rania Kamal at Nabad Art Gallery. Starting June 26. Through July 25. Tel: 4655084


Alhambras: Neo-Arabic architecture in Latin America — Exhibition at the Jordan Museum — Ras Al Ain. Through July 12. Tel: 4629317


Summer Collective  — Group exhibition at Zara Gallery. Through July 15. Tel: 0796111153


Truth is Black, Write Over It With a Mirage’s Light — 30th Anniversary Inaugural Exhibition of works at Darat Al Funun.  Starting July 3. Through September  3. Tel: 4643251





Franco-Arabe Film Festival — Screening of films at the Rainbow Theatre (RT) or the Royal Film Commission (RFC).


June 24Wajib9pmRFC

June 25Short Film Evening7pmRT


June 26Return to Bollene 7pmRT

The Journey9pmRFC

June 27Northern Wind7pmRT

Central Airport9pmRFC

June 28Still Alive7pmRT

Until the Birds Return 9pmRFC

June 29Jordanian Short Films 7pmRT

June 30The Blessed7pmRT



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